Coming soon: November 2014 – updated/revised edition

The Beautiful Union of science, philosophy and religion

The book begins with a deep questioning of many of our core assumptions and reveals that, in fact, they have a fragile basis. Targets include our limited senses, our reasoning and the ‘point-valued’ approach. Chapters then begin to engage in a more constructive, ‘volume-value’ approach, particularly in addressing the problem of consciousness. They highlight scientific evidence that points toward a universal consciousness that has a myriad of expressions. With this model, many questions are answered and at the same time, new light cast upon science, philosophy and religion, renewing the integrity and impetus of knowledge gathering. This approach offers new ways of looking at the world, useful, not just for scientists and other professional seekers, but for everyone.

Contents/synopsis of each chapter:

Chapter 1. Humankind – a limited company?

Investigates why the fundamental perceptions upon which we base our truth seeking are flawed.

Chapter 2. From Volume to Point.

The breakdown of coherent, holistic thought in philosophy and religion; More flaws in our approaches to knowledge acquisition.

Chapter 3. Science: Specialised but not Special.

The pressures on scientists; Science as religion; Pseudo-objectivity; Science and philosophy; A more expanded and open science; Science, natural philosophy, and hope for the future; Subjectivity and consciousness.

Chapter 4. Cosmic Hierarchies.

A prelude to the question of consciousness: Quantitative and qualitative – the relationship between scientific astronomical hierarchies and religious celestial hierarchies.

Chapter 5. Consciousness.

Defining terms. Our viewpoints on intelligence may be mistaken; Darwinism and Creationism; intelligence in creatures; NDEs and PDEs; consciousness and non-locality; non-locality and entanglement at quantum and psi levels; homeopathy and mental interference; mental interference in all things.

Chapter 6. Cognition.

Cognitions by Einstein and other scientists; cognition and eastern philosophies; neuroscience and meditation; re-ligio and the origins of religions; cognition and mystics; scientific passion and religious passion.

Chapter 7. In Theory.

Theories of everything; Constants that may not be; The return of ether; Using subjective and objective research; When to theorise; Sanskrit, a scientific language; Re-ligio training.

Chapter 8. Return to Genesis.

Particle accelerator meets the Bible in the Crystal Sea; Crystalline ubiquity and crystal secrets; bubbles and turtles; crystal and the mind.

Chapter 9. The Beautiful Union.

Bringing it all together.

Praise for The Beautiful Union:

“It has presented previously separated material in an integrated way making it meaningful to me. Beliefs, I didn’t even know I had, have dissolved. The tension was maintained right to the last page. No slack. A huge undertaking and shared with love and vigour.” S.T.C. (England)

“Brilliant writing – so thought provoking – I am really impressed with the clarity of your writing and your insight.    It’s a masterpiece actually – absolutely fascinating!    I feel as though I am now on a new ‘journey’ that will hopefully help me to make a lot more sense of my existence.  In these greatly troubled times I think every concerned person should read it.” J.F. (England)

“Fascinating, expert discourse on consciousness . . .clearly understandable information . . . superbly collated scientific research . . . refreshing to read.” P. E. (England)

“Thought provoking and inspirational.” B.P. (Ireland)

Mr Ellson manages to capture, relate and awaken our innate understanding of the complex interactions and deep meanings associated with our current culture’s divorce of science and nature. His work is a guide-post for healing these deep wounds. I encourage all who undertake the reconciliation to read this insightful work.” J.D. (USA)

“It brings a number of well-known but seemingly diverse theories together under one good roof. Fascinating. I couldn’t put it down.” P.R. (South Africa)

“The Beautiful Union answers questions that I had not thought to ask. It outlines modern scientific thinking and blends it with ancient wisdom in an unusual but always thoughtful manner.” R.P. (New Zealand)

“. . reading your creation was a journey of inspirational buoyancy… My soul sang and my KNOWING self jumped for joy…” Martina Finnerty PhD, therapist and creator of ‘The Power of Knowing’courses and events (