About Paul


If Nature says “Do it!”
I will rise to it
Learning in life’s situations
And loving its manifestations
Diving deep into consciousness
To enhance the outer world’s caress
Every colour from cold to hot –
There is nothing that I am not.

Born in February 1950 in Cheshire, England, Paul Howard Ellson first came to public notice in the national press as a young entrepreneur, aged 14. In 1968, at the age of 18 he became Sales Development Manager in a leading multinational corporation.
In 1971 Paul became a professional musician and at that time began to study consciousness. Both disciplines benefited from a vegetarian diet as well as abstention from alcohol and drugs. He continues this regime to this day. During this period (1971–1976), besides study of associated literature, he also undertook practical researches, particularly into psychism and states of consciousness related to intense physical activity.
From 1976–1990, practical researches included out of body states, zazen, Transcendental Meditation and application of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.
During this period, Paul was a founder a school where the curriculum featured meditation. From 1986 to 1996, Paul was in business in sales and marketing.
From 1990–2006, practical researches included the subtle effects of sound, devotional states, Sufi practices, Christian mysticism and yoga.
In 1996 Paul became a media consultant and editor, and at that time he began an ongoing review of scientific papers.
From July 2003 to January 2006, Paul worked on the first edition of The Beautiful Union of science, philosophy and religion. During this period, Paul was also acting as a consultant to philanthropists and pioneers in science. Following the publication of The Beautiful Union, Paul discovered that the book had a profound effect on readers. In addition to that, scientific research continued to build up in support of his approach. This prompted a second edition that will be available in November 2014.

Paul has written poetry from an early age and in recent years his output has increased. This has resulted in the publishing of 60 metaphysical poems in Have You Ever Met A Physical?  There are more books in the pipeline.

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