The spoken word

Before we move on to the current theme, listen to a poem in progress Iona part one.

Current theme: The Afterlife.

The transition from this world to the next is not something to be ignored, after all, it will happen to all of us. In fact, my own experience tells me that there are numerous souls who have ‘passed on’ who become frustrated by the lack of understanding that pervades our materialistic culture. Here are a couple of poems based upon experiences and insights that I have gained:

Death is Rebirth
They came one evening
As I sat to meditate
My Mother’s dead relatives
Seated on a small grandstand
Overlooking a lobby
And a lift
What is it? I asked

Then along came my Mother
With a small suitcase
Pulling it quietly
She reached the lift
Pressed the button
And waitedLike her Mother
Sister, Brother
Aunt, Nephew
And Ancestors all
She would be moving on

Two days later
I got the call
Into hospital for tests
But each of us hoped
For a different best

I flew in to join her
For the prognosis
It’s cancer said the doc
She lightened up
How long have I got?
The doc said Six months
But Mother had a different view
Why not a week or two?

We’ll see it through together
I assured her, and we did
Eight weeks and she took the lift
Elevated now and happy
She blesses.

A Gain
I died to discover
That everything I had done in life
Was a prayer to what I believed
Every deed, every word, every thought
Had wrought a false totem to a false creed
This folly was builded across
My path of hope
It blocked my way up Heaven’s slope
And so, now held before
This imposing edifice of conceit
I understood and quaking sank
Down from my feet on to my knees
Most terra-fied to realise
A return to Earth would be required
The me as masked in physical form
And recently from office fired
Was now, by me, recalled and so re-hired
Yet for a time the role delayed
I prayed to cleanse the self
Defeat conceit and then
I played and ran to meet
The learned hosts who patient wait
Not just above at Heaven’s higher gate
But silent at my side on every plane
Required until I figure why
We say that repetition is a gain.